tiki-tumble-color-wave-75645 copiaLet’s analyze the world, it is clear that we are holding us on a thread, playing with freedom of choose a mess that we do not understand. We feel we go for a path which can bring us to destruction but we continue because there is something stimulating to do it. It is the game of learning in the limit, of going out of the moral duality which classifies everything with a limited perspective… so much that maybe, because of this, we don’t see the solution.
For this, the first point is CONSCIOUSNESS.
And what is it? It is the ability to see the sense of something in its identity, but within the whole of what it belongs. When we see the sense, we understand its existence, and destroy it or not it is a wise option.
When everything is possible, we have to direct our will with wisdom. Now everything starts being possible… A little mistake generates changes which we are not prepared yet… and we do not know if we are ready to be. Are we falling in our own trap? Yes it is, and without realizing it.
Decisions predetermine material, increasingly, because our evolution engages us in the field of elemental action.  That means our contact with the material starts to be contact with its laws. We are going far, of course… One way of demonstrate it is the lack of clarity towards to describe the patterns which contribute to understand the problems nowadays.  They do not see each other because they do not want to see each other, they do not understand each other.
There is a refuge on old ideas, on what is fixed and it does not work. Rules are being broken, because others are appearing, they will give an explanation for everything. The consciousness allows realizing these laws.
Taking refuge on old ideas is the handicap… There is who prefer to take refuge on a lie, because it is the only that it has, its belief towards it and towards ancient patterns. The recognition of new patterns has to come from the perception and, for this reason, it is necessary two things: to open to the possibility of something else than it is already known and consciousness to reach it.
Where we are? In a closed psychical state, we do not move anywhere. To advance, the world needs to delete resistances to the knowledge that includes not checking, because it is not to know.
To know is to look for the knowledge; it implicates an action of will to know the truth, the exact information.
What you can do for yourself? The nature of every being human is to advance, to know, to evolve… we are so many being living at the same space, and we have the gift of being identity to know everything and continue with it, developing us. We have the power of communicate us with material, and contemplate the real beauty which is in everything. We are privileged… although the most is not conscious about this, because you do not believe in yourselves… In a moment like we are living now, to see this, is recognize that the only we have, it is oneself.

Posted by Meritxell Castells 2/9/2013   Translated by Laura Delós

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