TransformaciónThe limit is defined as something that appears to be more favourable to trascend in a determined moment in our history. It is something really hard for us to deal with because it breaks with the habit that we have created. This occurs because nature works according to the minimum cost of energy. A habit is like an automatic pilot, an inertia which conditions future events in a kind of chain reaction in order to make everything turn out into what we have foretold.
We have lived an era of “bridges”, people that could communicate o
you with the truth when you were not ready to do it by yourself. And they have operated like leaders. The power over knowledge involves a great responsability, but when this started to be required as a common good, there was a limit that could not be beaten. Those who had the responsability to allow other people to learn by themselves did not want to lose their status . This produced a resistance to transcending, and those who managed knowledge entered into corruption.
For what reason? Because what is a need is susceptible to be kidnapped when power is wanted.
Power only exists towards something that is really valuable, and knowledge nowadays is very valuable since it provides us location.
Knowing what we are is needed in order to create any movement…something very valuable when developing our individual willpower.
To progress we must get out of this role. The hero at this moment is oneself towards oneself. Confronting our own transformation is the hardest act nowadays.
There is a passage from “Don Quixote” that defines this issue. It also appeared in the film “Verb” of the director Eduardo Chapero-Jackson. This is what it says:
‘You, whoever you are, looking at this fear-inspiring lake—if you want to find the treasure that lies hidden beneath these black waters—show the bravery in your heart by throwing yourself into the middle of its black fiery liquid time and time again until your life finds something, because if you don’t, you won’t see the beautiful sign that you carry inside of you.”
Where there is the biggest challenge, is there where the hero appears and in that moment we are ourselves. Events require transformation, and there is no other person but you who can change your will.  
There is a wrong vision of the currently problem, since the line of drama is being constantly fed, waiting for the others to solve the problems, those who would provide you knowledge… This ought to disappear because the need of getting a running start is more outstanding. Most of us continue throwing a temper tantrum because we want to stay the same, covered with drama and this time consciously but not recognising it. The existence of the will is very clear, but it is being fed by an emotional excess and the persistence of remaining in a comfortable position.
This can be seen in a rejection of the truth and the general knowledge.
If we face the issue from leadership. In the articles “The business of defenselessness…” and “The real power, identity” I presented the matter of power, since it only exists towards oneself. This is something hard to understand when looking at the current problem, which feigns submission and does not value people’s adaptation to not manage their own issues that have to do with the development of our heroism , our power. Health, knowledge, personal decisions that concern others…are the most obvious.
Of course a hero is not a leader, because power is not applied, a hero stands out due to actions. But analyzing the current problem, from the hero, seen as a person who can save society, we notice that the hero would no be allowing society to react by itself. He would be feeding the same problem. But if heroism is expressed in onself, you allow the others to react, develop power and grow. So the action is currently individual, that way you provide option by the example of your own behaviour. In fact you can not provide anything else but the principle of self-determination, passed on from the position of equality, appreciating any person as a potential hero…
But is this the action that is needed now, not another.  

Posted by Meritxell Castells  november,15  2013 / Translated by Josep Clar

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