The concept of individuality lays out the changes that generate the laws of a new way of existing. A Human Being carries the capability of solving of all known dependencies, which move on to a status of choice.
Consider, for example, disease, death, degeneration.
Death exists in a natural way in living matter as a regeneration medium and change of substances. Comes “by default” and it is accepted as the natural act of birth itself. Accepting every expression of existence is an action that exists in all beings, our base life gives us the integration of existing by default.
Then what is the point of the appearance of degenerative conditions, disease in the human context? Life favors anything that allows continuity despite previously manifesting as a conflict.
Foreseeable conditions of living matter are vulnerable to the very same trascendence. Evolution claims for a new generation of interactions which allow more choices to exist. The development of the mind generates the experience of a performance out of what is already established. The creative principle that gives continuity to a free vectoriality.
Leaning against one’s belief, life is tested in order to experience the “Margin”. For what purpose? Predictable life brings no more creativity than that already existing . The ease of what is already created is safety in the act of being…the same.  A behavior that generates accommodation, the same law of minimum energy use faced with the need to ensure new interactions that have to be born from themselves.
Leaving the sequentiality requires searching for an expression in existence which awakens the creativity of its own essence, and it is necessary to leave an aspect of expression free. Life is tested…and it faces a state of strong biological entropy. These are the states of degeneration, the disease, the margin of life.
A disease isn’t a perfect biological state, but it is an expression of life.
Existence stretches…pretending to be a failed experiment that exposes us to the challenge of self belief.

The Margin…the adversity has always been the conflict that brings the new expression, the beauty of harmony to sustain it. How is disease sustained?
Degenerative states are the result of biological entropy increase, in the experiment of free existence, without focusing adversity towards a change in the evolution.
The experience of entropy is justified if it transcends the comfortable no-change expression, the apparent continuity of safe states.
The entrance into the Margin experience requires psycho-emotional states that devalue existence. It seems like a “go back”, it has even been attributed to acts of conspiracy against what’s human… It is part of the same case, it creates more separateness, and contributes to the emergence of more states of Margin…that require more belief…that generate more potential transformation, etc.
That who is not interested, doesn’t feel anything, neither love nor hate. That who has interest in the other, either love or hate, it is something. Whatever it is it may be transformed, but that who feels nothing, has nothing. The best lover is the warrior, as in war it is more difficult to learn to love.
The transformation potential increases with the need to solve the entropy, the Margin justifies itself.

Death implies substances regeneration and change. The continuity of conscious states depends on whether they exist or not.
The self consciousness appears in what’s human, is it the manifested state of the free vector, and it carries the event of free option of the continuity of biological states.
It continues on us and it transforms that which exists in a conscious way, which is something that is in our records.
The “Margin” leads us into the creation of a new substance to continue to exist in a free way.