poderHealth has become into a business, fuelled by dependence.
Natural or chemical, they are ways of carry this out, like studying mathematics with one or other method. If it is natural, it is less aggressive than the chemical one, but it is a waste of time because the order of cure of the body itself only can be given by oneself.
While it remains that way, investigations are not addressed to solve an illness, but to benefit to create others or to maintain it discreetly, pacifying symptoms in order to seem that the situation is controlled.
Behind this, there are people with enough intelligence capable to see this business and they decide foment it or not.
But the problem is more serious than what it seems because the permanence of these systems as it is worked is slowing down the evolution of the individual. This aspect is seen so clear when we look for the difference between natural medicine and the chemical one.
We remove the toxicity, treatments with medication, hierarchical role… And we see in what natural medicine is still persisting.
Every decision generates a chain reaction of events. If it is not the correct one, the chain is entropic. If in addition the mistake is not rectified, coming back where it begins, it is converted into a vortex. In the case of medicine, the curative intent is a “patch” after other. A doctor, a therapist or a healer can have all the goodwill of healing but this is not a sap point of view because the situation in this regard is a transfer of power, which generates a conflict even greater, contributing to the chaining of human, feeding the problem of who the power is transferred (the patient).
In natural medicine is seen more clear, I am referring to the most puristic. The professional who works with natural methods from the pure perspective, knows the individual is the only one who can give the order to restore the health, and he accompanies to the path of improvement for this person, who decides freely that it will be so. Even so, the most do not work contributing to the education in order to this individual can dispense with a professional of health to restore his own balance. We can say, “but this would end with careers!” or “it is not possible because it is required knowledge of biology”… Of course, we need the technician, the electrician, the painter or whatever professional dedicated to his work, and it is learning which it can be made by any of you, although each one choose its own line. In health is different because the expert in biology of anyone’s body is oneself and it is no necessary a terminological language to achieve this information. Not now already. To restore health is not already an issue of medicine. Medicine requires founding correspondences with symptoms…which requires complex studies… it is not already necessary.
So much in a medicine as in the other one, they do not know how to do it… because until now it is not possible to solve the real problem, maintained for the dependence doctor-patient. A business of power transferred and voluntarily accepted. This is slowing down the evolution towards the human.
Now we see in practice… what the direction is taken by this vortex. I understand when it is all overwhelmed and these businesses are not known, the solution to “keep progressing” is a patch after other, and logically, you do not let the person dies. This increases faster the vortex.
And then? We go back to the starting point, where the focus has to be more instructive. It can be done any moment, considering that reduced capabilities of the population have been increased. Somewhere we have to start, the sooner the better.
Now it is possible, and every professional of health become an instructor. This cannot be done when methods are medication (naturals or chemicals). Maybe it has been necessary a little time but now it is not necessary. The corruptibility which is in the system it takes us to see towards where the sector is deriving, being at the end of its days. Medication is going to disappear. And it is true, nobody is going to destroy it, but there are no longer necessary.
From here, new doors are open. One of them is spatial medicine, allowing advance towards the exploration of new worlds. This confirms the evident… this is the moment. 

Posted by Meritxell Castells  22/7/2013   Translated by Laura Delós

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