Everywhere there is talk about wounded nature, but who talks about wounded humanity? | WOUNDED HUMANITY

Everywhere there is talk about wounded nature, but who talks about wounded humanity?

It is not war that separates men, but their non-belief. War is the act of transformation, the search for beauty, the act of expressing the best fruit in oneself or colectivelly. Observe nature…it is a constant bellum to survive.
Everything manifested has its meaning as existence, even the pain of the wound itself… Survival brought to the belief of our potential.
Life evolves, creates self-awareness bringing up the challenge to continue on other substances, given the fragility of predictable states on the development of the mind.

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This blog is an introduction to the description of what actually happens to us. The contents will be expanded in a book I’m writing.
The transformation we are experiencing begins at the most basic levels of existence, where our will to exist lies. If there’s no talk about this issue it is because it is not taken into account,it is not consciously known. The facts speak for themselves for they are evidences which are expressed in the simplicity of everyday act, and which are perceivable by everyone, they just have to be identified.
The history of the Human Kingdom begins at the edges of life and continues on the freedom of the act of existence.

To know where we are, acknowledge our origin…life allows us to complete it to promote the next step, the creative potential of existence, in an orderly and free way.





22nd July 2013, I start writing articles. At any time from now it is a good moment to demonstrate all we can do as humanity. Changes must not be done by imposition or by fear… They must be our will, only this they are real. This capability already exists mostly in society… it is enough.
I am not looking for acknowledgment, all I want is that truth arrives you. It is because of this that I am not looking for publish on high status magazines, neither I go with this to the government… I am conscious that they are not directed towards a free humanity, thus, it is usless to give these knowledges to the power, they are going to cover like they have done with many important discovers during the history. I give all of you, you are who inspire me every day.
This is here, and it is a gift to the humanity, and this is here for who want to see it. For my part, I want to contribute you options.
Why I do this? Because I think we can make it better. We all owe it.




Meritxell Castells



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