decisionEvery day appears a new event on the world that faces us to our abilities. The reality is external and extreme and there is no advance, just the contrary. But…what about people? Are we benefitting this adversity to learn? I think we are benefitting more than we think. What is lacking us is to know where we can address the matter, how to act. There is a lot of fear… towards the power; we think that if we do something we can be arrested, hurt…
I want to introduce you into the thought of the moment where we are now, and analyze what everyone can do, in order to change.
It is clear that the government is in its position and there is no thought about changing. They are conscious of the trickery and the corruption that they introduce to the world and they keep doing it intentionally.
If there is a good reason to behave thus, it is from a will that they are not conscious about. It does not mean that the reason does not exist…. and the fact use to be a key to understand the sense of this global situation from the point of view of evolutionary. Let’s find this reason. The truth is we need a thrust…
The population is so used that others make the matters of power, the decisions that make us to believe. On the article of the defenselessness I told you what is happening with the power and that they are expressing their weakness too.
  If we have to develop our identity and we do it recognizing what we are and see the power what everyone has above our lives, we are doing “by crook”, typical of a forced situation, something that is maintained during a long time.
We are forcing the order of things, we have overdone on emotional develop, now it is time to take control of our lives, every one individually.
But what we can do it? We are used to others take the decisions for us; I am referring to the important ones, that one that drives us to our development, that one that involve third parties.
What gives us strength is the identity, to know what we are. This creates principles, values. If the truth is evident and we know what gives us strength, why it is not considerate as a priority value?
What is really valued by us? From one place that we are not conscious about, we have the life as maximum value, because of this, we fight for the survival and everything, mainly, moves in order to survive.
With this value covered, more or less… without thinking about death until we see it is coming, we keep searching and we enter into the value of the desire, our emotional part. And we do not live any more but we are enjoying the pleasures of life at any price.
That brings us to hyper-consumerism, to exploitation of natural systems, etc. It is not the fact that there are many excesses in the population what are damaging it, but the fact that the person is not developing the principle of what is fair, something that is important to do as synthesis of our personal development.
With our identity established, following the truth is following our will, and there is strength to do it. The secret is the consciousness.
Let’s start with little values. I purpose you some examples.
Whatever you do, try to make it sense, although you cannot explain at the beginning. It is something with you.
To want to see what is fair, what you need to see…being hungry just what you are going to spend, and if you need reserves for something, keep it in mind. Generally, all that enter for your senses, all that comes to you in order to learn… it is the real width that you can contain.
To want to know to detect when an information is truth or not. The truth produces a sensation in the body that the lie does not produce. If you want to learn to detect it, the knowledge comes.
Find the sense of the existence of something. For example, the corruption of a politician is something that exists; think about the motives of its existence, why it is happening. Do the same with all that it comes to you as adversity. To engage in war, in anger and rage is easy… it is an option more limited.
The action of think… The consciousness expands options and it approaches you to the truth because you start from a truth idea, the existence of something. This can be an example to you for advance in any path because from a solid idea you can reach the key.
There is a strong dependence to the group. We are pending what the other do… Nobody dares to do something… because there is a belief that the power is only on governments. To create our individual identity allows us being entirely in a group because the power only is established in an identity.
We are like child who do not want to grow up in order to not assume responsibilities… I am not referring those which contribute the life of father or tutor, but that one that everyone carries with oneself, with its own truth and its direction. We have to decide in what camp we are… We want to grow up or not?
There is a global resistance to do it; the conduct of keeping in the same position of accommodation is still persisting. The general behavior is an escape, but we cannot do it during a long time…
The margin of the balance that maintains everything is stretching too much.
The work is individual; each one has to response to the world by him. This is the step… to decide what you really want, conscious of your decision.
Individually, inside oneself, you can live the war or the mess that you want to experience, but in cohabitation there are laws, not that ones that man imposes, but that ones that material dictates in every “experience of field”…
We are learning to be a society, to repeat what life has done millions of years ago, but now we have to learn to do it consciously. Who does not want to learn only has to decide, conscious and sure about his decision, thinking about what supposes it and act in consequence later.
Who are in the power now have decided but they are not conscious yet of the deal of the defenselessness, immersed in their own avarice. But now they will be.
Now it is the moment.

Posted by Meritxell Castells 30/9/2013   Translated by Laura Delós

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