We observe our lives and it seems that we are predetermined. Yes…we exist within a sequentiality which holds the reality, and as a result of it we develop the Time. We are so into it that we do not perceive what it is. That understanding through the differences of the early stages of development of the mind keeps us in the numbers…interesting, since it seems that now it is time to learn them cognitively.
And here is where the paradox begins. If the mental substance brings the principle of individuality, because everything is defined in its own unity (identity), where does this predermination begins and ends?
Within the number there is the number, life, predictability, and don’t forget that the brain is physical, is part of that living matter.

Human expression will bring us more paradoxes…which are about to start expressing.
Being Human involves solving dependencies. The first conflict appears in the continuity of substances. The experience of the Edge gives us this opportunity, but a Human Being is a transformation process of the rational animal which involves knowing and doing. A Human Being develops with the action of the free individual. The realization of any act from the option of doing it or not.
The Margin leads us into the paradox of existence as a free act. We need a substance that is able to manifest this act, and which is created in the solvency of the Margin.
The Margin creates option, but it must be won. A Human Being can decide on his/her substances, simply because they were created by himself/herself. In the animal kingdom there are “mothers” that make you persist you over time expanding the margin. They are health professionals, doctors, healers… One can make a decision about the animal kingdom…but not about a Human Being …
Evolution puts the power in other realms. The Wounded Humanity returns to the throne.