There is no greater pain than that one afflicts oneself by not believing in one’s own existence.
The wound is part of the events of existence, it’s the crisis that faces life itself, the option to continue to exist as predictability…or transcend, expressing its ultimate creation demonstrating its potential to itself.
We are stars of that story of matter, living in us the substantial change of a new way of being. The symbiosis of the dawning of elemental human Substance.
We are the expression of its doubts, of its continuity.

For us it’s already our story…

Maximum pain is caused by the non-belief

And, why don’t you believe if you know? Or don’t you want to know?
The truth is there, needing to be seen.
Our power, where is it?
The Truth, the Power have been hidden, because they are in each of us.
Why don’t we want to see it? Is there no will? There is…but for other things. We aim our directions to small issues… Human power is something of great affairs, it’s something of human affairs. If you’re not human you’re not interested…logical. It’s not the time.

What happens to us? Do we want to know who we are? Getting close calms us, getting away get us dirty, because it fills our sense with fear and separateness is no longer definition but strangeness. Where do we want to be?

The power of decision is now in Yourself.