The human species is not defined. Resistance to an obvious change is fragmenting the manifestation, testing our skills. There are no rules… The test is to oneself.
The contents you’ll find in this book are not accepted by all who favor the wound, and that’s a lot of people…who voluntarily give up power to non-belief in oneself, which is expressed in the dependence the society determines.
In the book I discuss this problem from the ground, to provide the fullest possible understanding. Explain what is the disease…the edge of life, and how it actually occurs, something no one has yet explained. From here, the change, because the whole thing predates the establishment of the new species, the Human Being, something that is not defined, as it’s dawning.
The new laws are obvious, and strongly show the keys to transcend the issue of diseases. The dependence on health has existed for hundreds of years, but now this is no longer necessary. There is a way to carry out this transition and lead the individual to the learning of his/her own regeneration.
I explain the basis for keeping health, and preventing cell degeneration. A learning accessible to all, it just requires some time to learn it.
This also solves the dependent medicine and the economic worldwide problem, being able to use the money for purposes that favour our progress.
The content is strange, something very different, as it has never been discussed about this subject. Changes require decisions which solely depend on oneself.
It is the individual within a society, who now becomes relevant.