Being Human is to integrate the kingdoms that make up nature.
Being Human is to integrate life, understand it, recognize something that is not divine…is human. The privilege of intelligent manifestation, the true creative potential of Life Substance.

The elementary matter interacts, creates increasingly complex bodies. Life appears, and from life consciousness, and the mind.

Each realm is a more complex state. What is a Human Being?
It is said that what is human is being lost…maybe we never had it. In our evolution We went from a rational animal to a more honest being.
What distinguishes it? As a mineral from a plant, it’s a matter of substance.
An animal has group consciousness, his whole expression is related to the group. From here comes the competition, the struggle for survival, manifested in a need for improvement to manifest the best attributes. It is pure life, with all the predictability of its manifestation.
I define in one of my abstract stories, “Binar and the space-time” that a Human Being is a free being, with its own spacetime curvature.
Defining this concept takes us into the secret of the known force of gravity. This is complex topic, but I will say that a human being is related to the development of the mind, which houses the principle of individuality. An individual follows his own direction, creates its own substance.

What defines the perceptual aspect of what we know is the concept of information. Everything that exists, whatever it is, is information, and one can potentially interact with it.

The information is a common quality of all that manifests and interacts. If something comes into existence it automatically starts creating relationships in order to be integrated, and will go through all existing expressions. We leave the personal concept to enter into a chemical conception…with a component, the vectoriality.

What does it mean? Intention. Essence where any interaction comes from. It is the law of attraction of substances, in order to exchange more than matter.
A kingdom as a group has its own vector, its elemental intention which defines the purpose of an entire species. A human being is a species by itself.

Let’s get into the concept of “pensum”, (Proto-Germanic: Weganan) the elementary structure of thought.

An individual way to get to the information, freely created by a human being, attracts already integrated matter to conceive the “how”, its own way of connecting. Multiplicity expands in the most creative sense that life is capable of contemplating as she cedes power to its creation. The principles of matter are restablished and the very option of existing is a free act.