Letter addressed to members of the European Parliament

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am writing to you to highlight a matter of great importance related to article 10.1 of the Spanish Constitution (central pillar of the Magna Carta on the fundamental rights of the human being). An article that revolves around human dignity as well as -and I quote- «the foundation of political order and social peace» and its «inviolable rights that are inherent to it«.

In this sense, this norm recognizes that the dignity of an individual is intrinsic to every person; a human being is correct not because the laws say so, but because it is written in his natural condition. When civil laws do not recognize this dignity, they become inhuman laws; as happened a century ago with the rise of the Nazi movement in Germany.

Let me explain to you in four points why I believe that human dignity is being attacked and all that that means.

1. Human dignity is based on diversity, not on medicines

We must bear in mind that human dignity is based on biology and above all on natural diversity: we are made of atoms and the atom in its behavior expresses the laws of matter. In this sense, medicines are substances alien to life that alter natural functions -that is why they generate adverse effects- in an unpredictable way for each living being. The regulations regarding risk doses are accepted without taking into account the accumulation of the substance over time, accumulating in organisms and ecosystems, until reaching a point of effective «critical mass» for a specific effect.

Medicines constitute a silent attack on time against the natural chemistry of our biology and that of the planet. No government or organization has the right to force a human being to use drugs, since it is forcing him to alter his biology, generating an indeterminate precedent for his correct conduct, for which he is not responsible.

Therefore, in the face of a health emergency, the government must provide a non-drug alternative to carry out the law to protect its citizens. It must favor (and not hinder) the free decision of a human being to exercise said rights. The natural chemical order is what ensures an individual, the expression of her human condition, to do the right thing, and absolutely no one on the planet should force a human being not to be right; let alone coerce him if he doesn’t.

2. The preservation of life is a universal right

Every government must learn to decide on these matters -it is in our development. Progress is to do no harm, and the world health organization must act according to the first medical guideline «Primun non nocere» (first do no harm), and allow space for correct development without producing adverse effects. It is inconsistent to see how, on the one hand, the control measures in force aim to preserve life -whose main expression is diversity- and, on the other hand, the mechanisms to carry it out put precisely what they are trying to save in imminent danger. Therefore, there is no logical rationale for the invasive means of individual biology that are intended to be used for this cause.

Any civilized country has the duty to find a way to merge security and rights, since neither of them should be violated.

Advanced medicine is the one that acts with maximum effectiveness, respecting the natural biochemistry of living beings and the Earth’s ecosystems. Everything can be solved, but we must stop going against life and the development of the species. Life began millions of years ago thanks to bacteria, and now medicine kills our creators. The balance of the planet is seriously compromised and most do not seem to care. This is the alarm that has to make us react.

3. Being immunized is being at peace with the planet

Immunity is a natural and intrinsic capacity of all living beings for millions of years, which allows them to interact inside and outside their ecosystem. It is based on integrity and connection, and it is what determines the possibilities of relationship. Immunity is not defense, but interaction. Being immunized is being able to be healthy with any living being on the planet. In practical terms that is peace.

Natural immunity is the only immunity capable of taking on all the challenges of the planet without harming it, as it is in constant development. It is the force of survival that has been perfecting itself for millions of years, and must be considered as a possibility, since it is what ensures the correct natural chemical order for life, social order and world peace. To enhance the strength of an individual is to enhance the strength of a nation.

The management of the health emergency experienced in 2020 has displaced these values. What’s more, it has totally affected the opposite, leading the citizens and the country to its most depressing expression, disregarding natural faculties and the option of empowering them to save their lives.

Human potential has been disregarded and introduced as a vulnerability in the bowels of thought. It is an attack on the strength of nations represented by the strength of their citizens. The applied measures alter immunity, leaving the individual and the countries in a situation of vulnerability, prepared for total devastation in case of war (biological or of another type), effects of climate change, etc. A territory with fewer citizens or without citizens in an optimal state is easy to invade. And since there has been an imposition of measures that have also proven to be incorrect, bypassing international agreements on security and human rights, interfering in the scientific consensus, the right to research and debate, etc. I want to urge you to seriously consider this point.

Whoever controls the chemistry changes the order of the interactions. And this is a control of countries and the behavior of citizens. The lack of the natural instinct to preserve their own environment, as other species clearly show, is proof of this. It is an alteration of the bases of human dignity.

4. Nations are being attacked

Interfering in information on the natural conservation of life, development for progress, and the duty to contribute to the true immunity of a country is an attack on the heart of nations, and under no circumstances should it be interfered with, nor officially disregarded.

The paths of development of human immunity must be presented with total transparency and with the intention of preserving the values that promote the true strength of a country with all that constitutes it, including the kingdoms of nature.

The progress of a country is measured by the value that its inhabitants give to a life, because that is what identifies us as a species, and with this value we present ourselves to the stars.

Thus, the space of each individual must be respected with regard to the individual decision of his evolution and development. No government or organization should interfere in this very delicate moment of human existence.

The function of power is to facilitate the option, to open possibilities to facilitate our definition as people of the Earth. Therefore, I appeal to natural right, the innate sense of justice that resides in your human condition to carry out decisions that allow you to transcend the current situation.

Sending you a cordial greeting,

Meritxell Castells