The physical body as living matter has been the  transmitter of information for millions of years. This has been possible because our matter was made of components that obey the order of nature. Throughout our evolution we have advanced in infinite combinations of this great matter, a work of art in all its expressions.

But this area has undergone a change… Increasingly, until lately it is being forced out of existence as such. If the situation continues, in a few months what we call life within the certain perfectional margins will disappear. I’m not saying that we will die, but our bodies will no longer be that which nature created. The implications of this case are more serious than it may seem. It is as if we were alive…but without soul, canceling the development of all the advanced qualities of a human being (creativity, abstract thought, understanding of the basic laws of existence, wisdom… ).

It is not the case that ecosystems have been lost, and as I have said on before, it is not because of technology, because that is a breakthrough that can coexist perfectly with life without us getting to the point where we are now. Technology is not pollution, not corruption, it is not death nor illness. Technology coexists with the mineral kingdom.

The cause is an intention produced by people, fully aware of their actions, whom at first acted out in a social contract in which people voluntarily ceded their power. It is the promise of “I’ll do it for you”, that has fed society for many years and so has therefore become a society that believes itself to be helpless and dependent. After this agreement was a vile intent of what appeared…the greed of a control that is impossible because you can only be master of your own matter. The greed of ownership and control has reached the end of their lack of control and these inhuman beings have transferred to the planet the natural order.
Above all this attempt to control is that the option to choose must be respected… It is a law in human development and they have violated this.
What we need is that the natural order of existence is more sacred, beyond any political, religious or moral power.

Our physical bodies have retained the information transmitted and the life that has been passed down in our genes from generation to generation, with the diversity of this system of transmission. Living bodies, through millions of years have evolved enough to be a vehicle of consciousness with increasing completeness. For many years we have been subjected to a kind of internal contamination of our most elemental chemistry. Physical bodies have remained within a life rang , which has been named disease, and many people have used this to solve their “disagreements” with changes in ecosystems that were already there naturally. A forest is an ecosystem, but also a city. They are places where their elements are related and coexist perfectly. Also I have to say that technology is not the problem. We can live with it without destroying ourselves, but we must learn how to do it, to know what is really a technology ecosystem.

Those of you who follow my writing know that a living body has having the ability to auto-fit , which is started by a mechanism known biologically as homeostasis. The biological body as part of the ecosystem adapts and uses the elements of this to continue. This homeostasis activates when we know with certainty about its existence, and for that a person must believe in consistency.

In the same way that insects adapt to pesticides over time, people have developed a capacity to move forward…but adversity in this act has been enhanced so that the connection to our physical systems has been interrupted by the majority of the population.
We have always had the option of choosing a toxic or a natural formation to nourish our physical bodies … something very important because it depends on the development of our consciousness…and so our progress as free beings.
The ability to think, to see the truth, to develop in a natural order has been disrupted intentionally. The emergence of consciousness is growing, and is being expressed with force so that children over the years would not allow poisoning of their bodies as adults. If they realize you are more creative… The ” training ” received by the company is designed to bypass all the capabilities that we can. Imagine if a child is powerful…how much more so would an adult be.

Look at this issue. Pregnant women are advised not to take any medicine unless absolutely necessary. Ask yourselves why… Obviously because it affects the developing fetus. What is difference then? That our bodies are already formed? Who says so? We are born with the vital functions and body prepared for life…but it does not stop there.
From birth we form us, plus our tissues (growth or maintenance) modelling a body prepared for thought and for more…the brain. As you know, our action is necessary to understand the world. We ‘re making over the years, along with the information that we have in our environment, with the material that comes to us by mouth, by nose, on our skin… Does that not have to be important? To be stupid it is not important but to learn to think and to know, it is.

The development of a thoughtful, imaginative, creative, self…being is not in the interest of these inhuman beings. Children have been born with severe physical deformities and problems…yes it has happened but not to the masses. It would have attracted too much attention and would not have interested the powers because they are looking for a productive and unintelligent society. Physical illness is visible.

The situation occurs progressively, and we evaluate it within the potential of a human being. All that has arisen for free progress of mankind has been and keeps getting cut from the current Tesla multiple discovereries. The direction of world powers is directed to the control of the population. It is evidence that any of us can recognize, if you have the courage to face the unreasonable force felt in any part of itself, and that makes them act away from the Truth. This is because every time you are farther away from that which is living matter. Your body is no longer within the evolving natural order, but a modified product, which is increasingly away from its original object.

The brain is physical, keep that in mind… They are introducing substances that alter our genetics, from the action of genetically modified viruses, to the use of natural action with viruses from entering our systems by introducing genetic qualities that enhance us. They have used the same symbiotic capacity that exists in nature between us and the virus, making it serve information outside of what we know as life, that which is genetically modified. Metals that are also introduced with this process are not important here…they are just modified vehicle information.

These substances are introduced, so far we have been able to determine because we had them as optional (some foods, drugs, vaccines, water …), but now they are imposed through mechanisms that we do not have option to circumvent… I mean the air, and soon, genetically modified food, which is being introduced on a large scale. Basically, everything goes towards the same, changing our genes, halting the continuity of our development, for as it is different to life, which prevents development thinking, consistency and any of its own capacity to evolve a being. The physical body is the vehicle, and a link to that or imagined qualities that are part of this legacy we are trying to continue. This has been going for many years but slowly. The problem is that now the attack is massive, it has quadrupled. It’s like the final shot of that intention, being made visible, as most of society are not reacting.

I want to clarify that current circumstances are conducive to the development of consciousness in much of society…yet still a minority. Obviously when there were no toxic or gene manipulations bodies were “cleaner”, thinking was clearer. Philosophers, sages of antiquity, great scientists…we can count them on our hands. At present there are many more, and we should be a society of scholars.

The taxable nature of this act of intrusion is what has caused the cut of the natural order of life, the violation of choice, to which all beings are entitled, and of being observed, although it does not seem to be in some cases. This right is not of the laws of man…it is of the laws of matter, we understand when we approach her knowledge. These are the laws that preserve our evolution, above what society can do. It would be like the laws of nature, for you to understand, but it is something deeper still.

From here, the question is… Who is still transmitting our information? And it’s not a question of extinction of species, as information continues to manifest itself in more complex evolved identities. The shape of the vehicle transmission may be different, but maintains a constant that is the natural order. But if the natural order is broken, there is no continuity of that specific information …it is broken.
As human beings this is our legacy to nature….preserve its essence and improve on it. This process has been interrupted, without thinking that the nature is not left in a biological body. The natural order is much more complex, which includes information for now…but we do not see it. They wanted to play God…outwit nature. They have made the world a laboratory.

The biggest mistake has been to be wary of self…leave it to the others to think, what cure… There are issues pertaining to our development, and if they are not dealt with, they are not.

And all of this… What can we do?

Currently, Think about and be aware of what is happening. The risk can be minimized if we impose our consciousness. I would give you some advice, but do not believe it without more evidence!

For me, the rule number 1 is: Look for reasons to justify the wisdom that is your body. You are not going to know this until you get tested. We ‘ve talked a lot about it, but if you do not find yourselves it is no good. Your body is your ally, Cling to your strength, coherence, to your essence, it is the basis for conscious thought. If you learn to think you are going to put into place mechanisms that will make you get all of these things. If you were already a “zombie”…how you would realize? Think about this and try to stay san,e questioning any concept that you raised as being unfounded. Any statements that you have illogical, if you want it you will see it.

– Program yourself to whatever you want, for example: ” when you are doing something wrong or illogical, realize it”…and you will always notice. “I want to know the truth…that is not true. When acting with inertia realize it. This is consciousness, and that is what keeps you in the essence of who you are.

– Justify all you do and do not act. Look at your words. Sometimes in order to see yourself watch others…watch them and see that everything is repeating in the same patterns. He who is creative, rejects repetition. Words are a way to raise awareness. Whatever you say, it is from within, do not repeat what others say.

– Every day work to improve everything in your hands. If you find yourself with something it is because you can carry it in some way. This means that you will know for sure you can handle it, and what you can do is focus on the directions.

– Never lose heart or be afraid, for you have tremendous potential, is the record that you have not played yet and it is favoured by the existence. It lies within you, think honestly what you think is happening . You know the truth but you have to recognize it, because only you have to be accountable. You and your conscience. Do not look if others act or not, as most do not act and that is depressing. Do what you feel you have to do, you owe it to yourself.

– As for food… Basically we live with companies, we create a direct relationship with them. If you want to know the truth about the source of their raw materials, ask them directly. If they are honest, they will respond, and if they are not honest, we will demonstrate that we cannot rely on their products by not buying them.

What I just told you is very important, and you may not see it with the magnitude that it represents. Just think that you may not bear a priority account but if you raise your level with a little bit of thought you will begin to see. The key is to raise awareness, something that you will notice has a great resistance to doing so, as it is very costly and so will be rejected. Then, realize that this rejection is not consistent… From there, you are going to gain territory.

Posted by Meritxell Castells  January,4  2013 / Translated by Laura Delós and KarenKati

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  1. Interesante articulo. Creo que en ésta humanidad ,cuesta mucho entender,quiénes sómos ,y cual es nuestro verdadero propósito y nuestra verdadera misión. La mayoría de las personas anda emergidas en lo meramente material y superficial. Considero, que aúnque no debemos abandonar nuestras metas y logros mundanos,Debemos reflexionar,y entender, que estamos aqui de paso.Y si no aprendemos la lección.,tendremos que repetir. Bendiciones y éxitos.

    • Gracias por tu aportación Yolma. Como has dicho, si no se aprende la lección repites curso. Lo que pasa es que se valora por capacidades y ahora hay información suficiente para poder elegir. No hay tanta ignorancia como antes, me refiero a la mayoría de la sociedad. Si hay opción uno puede escoger querer saber más y llevar su propia vida. Cuanto más se aleja uno de ese orden natural más cuesta y es lo que está pasando, y saliéndose fuera de tiempos. Ha habido un cambio fuerte en las últimas semanas y la sociedad tiene que despertar ya, o se pierde.

  2. Estic d’acord amb tu Meritxell, ja tenim intoxicació mental i emocional, potenciada pels mitjans de comunicació i perqué no? el que controlen els afers del món poden començar amb la intoxicació física per a convertir-nos en màquines integrades.
    Però el tema de desmarcar-nos de la natura ho veig com un pas necessari per arribar a ser auto-determinats, cal que passem aquesta verola com un procès d’aprenentatge. El que veritablement cal potenciar per evitar ser màquines es el contacte amb l’ànima per a ser auto-conscients i “lliures” quan abans millor. Casualment el 24 faig a Canet una petita xerrada sobre el tema, per a potenciar el fet cultural com a eina de creixement humana doncs estableix ponts amb la part anímica i creativa.
    Salut i bon any 2014.

    • Estic d’acord que la clau és la consciència, de fet és la seva irrupció el que ha accelerat “l’atac” massiu. Les noves generacions vénen fortes. La natura ha estat com un mestre per ensenyar-nos l’ordre natural. És possible que en estats més avançats de l’evolució…molt més, podrem crear un ordre natural nou, per què no?, però l’existent és un legat ara per una continuïtat encara no completa del nostre cos físic. La magnitud del que significa això es veu quan estàs dins, i simplement acompanyes l’evolució per veure on va. És molt interessant doncs veus també el dubte de la transcendència de la matèria viva, entre quedar-se en la seva còmoda inèrcia divina (el fractal de la continuïtat) o transcendir en noves formes d’expressió. Això supera la intel.ligència…és impressionant, perquè veus goig! Aquesta llavor encara no s’ha viscut i és un “spin-off” al desenvolupament d’una continuïtat com jo anomeno, ordenada i lliure.
      Com enfoques la xerrada? Jo no aniré perquè estic lluny però puc recomanar-la. Gràcies per la teva aportació. Bon any!

  3. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con lo que dices, Meritxell. No se en qué te basas para decir que en las últimas semanas o meses ha habido cambios sustanciales. Antes me parecía exagerado pensar en un complot de control de la humanidad, pero cada vez me resulta más creible. Sin embargo me niego a caer en el desánimo, y menos en el miedo. El camino, no se si la solución al desatre, pero por lo menos el camino personal es la toma de conciencia permanente, el vivir bien presente a cada instante, en contacto con la sabia intuición, que como tú dices, a todos nos acompaña. Es fácil saber qué es Verdad y que no. Cuando algo es genuino y auténtico y cuando es mentira y falso. Yo percibo cada día más gente inmersa en esta conciencia y con mñas hambre de Verdad. Cada uno en su ambito o desde su lenguaje y punto de vista, Emilio Carrillo, Vadim Zeland, Enric Corbera, Alejandra Casado…son personas que van en esa dirección.
    Gracias Meritxell, y un fuerte abrazo

    • Gracias Carmen-Charo por tu comentario! Es que la clave está en la Conciencia, y aunque es duro, es necesario saber la verdad. Sí que es hay que buscar lo que realmente es, pues tras las teorías de conspiraciones hay mucho fanatismo que hace ver lo que no hay. Estos asuntos llevan pasando años, pero es lo que explico, que siempre hemos tenido opción, algo que cualquier persona, por mucho daño que quiera hacer debe respetar.
      El poder de la conciencia y de nuestra voluntad mueve cualquier montaña, y tenemos más fuerza cuando la dirección es, pues sabemos hacia dónde dirigirla. Podemos hacerlo, es lo que nos queda por demostrarnos a nosostros mismos. Un abrazo!

  4. Tenemos que trabajar en nuestros pequeños núcleos para que la conciencia de cada uno vuelva a su lugar. Ayudar a las personas que les cuesta más a pensar y desarrollar su creatividad y nosotros mantener nuestro eje bien alineado sabiendo que hacemos lo correcto, lo que nuestra Verdad nos marca, siempre tenemos derecho a escoger y hay que hacer uso de ello.
    Gràcies Meritxell

    • Exacto! Es que es la manera de que no nos afecte. La opción de la conciencia es lo que nos queda y hemos de conservarla. Gracias por tu aportación.

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